Purpose of the Symposium

The importance of water in biological systems has not been well explored and recognized. In recent years, along with the advancement of computer science, data analysis and new measurement technologies, water has been studied by scientists and researchers in a wide variety of disciplines.

In 2005, Professor Tsenkova from the Biomeasurement Technology Laboratory at Kobe University advocated the discipline of “Aquaphotomics”, which is a new field to understand the role of the water molecular system. By monitoring water spectrum of bio and aqueous systems under various perturbations, Aquaphotomics presents water spectrum as a holistic bio marker, which works as molecular mirror, epitomizing the respective system.

In October 2014, we organized the 1st International Symposium in Aquaphotomics as a part of the Kobe University Symposium held at its European Office in Brussels, Belgium. Researchers from 11 countries attended and gave presentations spanning a wide range of fields including biology, nanotechnology, spectroscopy and food science. Since then, Aquaphotomics-related joint research and projects, such as the EU Project (2015-2020) in Trakia University (Bulgaria), resulted in many successful collaborations and co-authored publications.

On November 26 – 29, 2016, the 2nd Aquaphotomics International Symposium was held at Kobe University, Japan. As the leading expert in the field of Aquaphotomics and the chairperson of the symposium, Professor Tsenkova introduced the latest research results to the audience. In addition to lectures given by Professor Gerald Polack (University of Washington, USA), Professor Masato Yasui (Keio University, Japan), Professor Tsenkova and others, there were poster sessions, exhibitions and presentations held by our industrial partners to showcase their technologies. The Aquaphotomics workshop and “Science of Water” open seminar were also well-received. The symposium was concluded with a study tour to Mount Koya and a discussion session at the end of the tour.

The 3rd Aquaphotomics International Symposium will be held in Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center. Lectures by Professor Hiroo Hamaguchi (National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan), Professor Gerald Polack (University of Washington, USA), Professor Christian Huck (University of Innsbruck, Austria), Professor Craig Schwartz (University of California, Berkeley, USA) and many others will be held. Workshops and poster sessions will also be organized.

In the modern world of interdisciplinary science and technology, water research is of crucial importance. It will pave a new path for hardware and software development for next-generation water measurement devices and technologies. As water reflecting the state of our bodies, new methods and devices that measure changes in water structure are directly linked to the diagnosis and prevention of diseases. Furthermore, it is expected that new industries will emerge through analysis and application of the big data of spectra obtained by in-vivo biomonitoring.

In this international symposium, water measurement and analysis technologies in various fields such as bio, medical, pharmaceutical, food, agriculture, forestry, fishery, energy, chemistry, materials, civil engineering, construction, resources, environment, weather, the earth, space, and many other areas will be covered. We are looking for presentations and sponsorship, in hardware and software, and also water treatment technology and fluid engineering. Thank you for your generous support and cooperation. We look forward to seeing you at the symposium.


Roumiana Tsenkova